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INCEST STORY: "Mom's Mistake" (Fm, inc, 1st, ped, preg)

Incest Man
13.07.2010 - 19:28

Mom's Mistake


Oh, shit! Tina thought, Michael's cumming! He's cumming
inside me!

"Oh, Mommy, that feels so good...!"

Stunned--her heart pounding suddenly hard in her chest--
Tina was too shocked to react at first. Looking up at
the mirror over the sink, she could see the reflection
of her son's face contorted in the sheer bliss of his
first ejaculation; inside her, he was squirting gush
after gush of his semen into her belly, and she could
actually feel each pulse hitting her cervix. Like any
man, fucking his woman, he was striving to dig his cock
in as deep as it would go, soaking her womb with his
seed and impregnating her with his baby.

"Oh...goddamn it!" Tina swore, suddenly pulling her cunt
forward off Michael's cock, and spinning around to slap
him across his face. "How dare you cum in me!"

Still spurting semen from his cock, Michael reeled and
stumbled backward.


"Don't you 'Mom' me!" Tina spat, glaring at him. That
look made him turn part-way away from her, and she
spanked him hard across his bare buttocks.







"--tell your father about this, or I will--"


"--beat the living tar out of you! Now go to your room!"

Red-faced, now, and crying, Michael stared at his mother
in shock and horror.

"Mom, I'm sorry...! I didn't know...!"

"Goddamn it! Go to your room, now!"

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