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Allentown Backglass List

17.05.2011 - 17:34
I have a collection of backglasses and translites for sale. I will be
going to the Allentown show and you can pick it up there.

I have many shuffle alley, bowler, bingo, gun game backglasses as
well. Those lists will follow shortly.

If you are looking for NOS glass, this is not for you. Everything has
issues of one sort or another, but is priced accordingly. Prices will
be $5 to $60. I don't have the time to send pics or hold glass for
presales, but since it will be hard to bring it all just LMK what you
are interested in and I will be sure to bring it. So best thing at
this point is to find me in the flea market on Friday or Saturday.

Atari Time 2000 Backglass
Atari The Atarians Backglass

Bally Black Pyramid Backglass
Bally Eight Ball Backglass
Bally Mata Hari Backglass
Bally Black Jack Backglass
Bally Mr. & Mrs. Pacman Backglass Score Display only
Bally Eight Ball Deluxe Limited Edition Backglass
Bally Freedom Backglass SS Version
Bally Twilight Zone Translite

Capcom Airborne Translite

Data East Maverick Translite NOS

Gameplan Super Nova Backglass

Gottlieb Mayfair Backglass
Gottlieb Jungle Backglass
Gottlieb Duotron Backglass
Gottlieb Magnotron Backglass
Gottlieb No
Gottlieb Buccaneer Backglass
Gottlieb Skyline Backglass
Gottlieb Central Park Backglass
Gottlieb Dancing Dolls Backglass
Gottlieb High Diver Backglass
Gottlieb Straight Shooter Backglass
Gottlieb Roto Pool Backglass
Gottlieb Cleopatra Backglass
Gottlieb Buck Rogers Backglass
Gottlieb Big Shot Backglass
Gottlieb Countdown Backglass
Gottlieb Joker Poker Backglass
Gottleib Charlie2s Angels Backglass SS Version
Gottlieb Close Encounters of the Third Kind Backglass SS Version
Gottlieb Sinbad Backglass
Gottlieb Counterforce Backglass
Gottlieb Spiderman Backglass
Gottlieb Solar Ride Backglass
Gottlieb Volcano Backglass Outer Only
Gottleib Roller Disco Backglass
Gottlieb Out of Sight Backglass
Gottlieb Buckaroo Backglass
Gottlieb Slick Chick Backglass
Gottlieb Kings & Queens Backglass
Gottlieb TX-Sector Translite
Gottlieb Spring Break Translite

Stern Lectronamo Backglass
Stern Seawitch Backglass

Williams Phoenix Backglass
Williams Firepower Backglass
Williams Flash Backglass
Williams Merry Widow Backglass
Williams Nags Backglass
Williams Pokerino Backglass
Williams Rancho Backglass
Williams Argosy Backglass
Williams Trizone Backglass
Williams Stellar Wars Backglass
Williams Black Knight Backglass
Williams Firepower II Backglass
Williams Hyperball Backglass
Williams Contact Backglass

Sega Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Translite
Nasco Film Cavalcade

Baltimore Pin Noob
17.05.2011 - 18:47
Email sent! Thanks!

18.05.2011 - 05:13
On May 17, 12:470pm, Baltimore Pin Noob <> wrote:
Email sent! 0Thanks!

I'd like to see the Solar Ride, could be better than what I have.

Where will you be?