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Dolcett is real! Cannibal group is seeking Australian girls for slaughter! We will pay THOUSANDS of DOLLARS for a living girl! We will also take volunteers!

09.12.2011 - 13:27

I'm butcher Curt and I'm looking for girls to slaughter. Girlmeat is
the best meat in the world, it's delicious and nutritious and girls
just have been made to be processed into meat.

Like all Western countries, Australia has its problems with feminism,
which has turned into femifacism. Men have become slaves of
their wives, they have to pay for children, which the ex steals from
them permanently.

At court, women usually get a slap on the wrist, even for murder,
while men are punished for "rape", just because a woman is telling
lies. Femifacist judges will always believe the girls.

So Dolcett is the solution! I'm a real butcher and I will turn girls
meat to be eaten by cannibals. Get rid of your ex-wife, your daughter
or any other woman.

I will buy tasty girls!

I will take girls of up to 40 years of age and I will pay $50 per
pound of living girlmeat.

I may pay even *more* for exceptionally tasty girls, whom we
can use for live-roastings! Please make me an offer!

I prefer girls of normal weight or slightly overweight girls.They must
be free of any contagious diseases like AIDS or Hepatitis and free of

The girls should also be no heavy smokers and should not do drugs.

I will take hookers, daughters, slaves, girlfriends, wives, ex-wives,
aunts, nieces, female cousins or any other girl.

I'm also willing to buy small groups of girls as well as mothers with

Please make me an offer and email me to email@anonym

This is puella_carnifex (at) and I'm puella_carnifex on
Yahoo Messenger.

Send me pictures of the girl or the girls and I will tell you how much
I'm going to pay. Don't forget to add age and weight of the girl(s).

This is a serious offer. I have the money and for me, girls are
nothing but meat.

I will pay cash.

I will also take VOLUNTEERS. If you're a girl and if you want to be
butchered and eaten, contact me! I will pay a person of your choice
the money you're worth, so you could do your family a favour!

You can also BUY girlmeat from me. I will put a price list on my
group as soon as possible!

You can also find me on my group, "The Butcher Shop":!forum/thebutchershop