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Has Vendicar Decarian (V-for Vendicar) Returned ? ? ?

12.02.2012 - 15:00

Wow.... we have a guy using the name Scott Nudds (Scott Douglas)
posting to the group, and possible others.
Several people have also claimed Vendicar Demento is the same
person as Scott
Nudds. aka "Nuddley the Nuddler" and "Scuttle Nutts" VD SCotty,
Vedickarse Dickarian etc.
The original Scott Nudds was known to be the same as our old pal
Vendicar Decarian. An American expat living and working as a janitor
at a school in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and had some girl that he
liked... Naomi Goldstein.

HE went by many aliases... including V-for Vendicar.. and
But as one person has stated:

"This should be easy to determine by comparing writing styles.
this article notes they post from the same IP:

It is strong evidence they post from the same household DSL service,
but not
necessary the same person. One would expect the only roomie a troll
could have
is another troll.

Vendicar limits himself the the environmental groups, but Scott also
posts to
programming g
oups. Vendicar can't carry on a conversation with
anyone, Scott
sometimes did. I tried looking for common word usages like "neocon",
but found
none. "

However : "They post with the exact same themes (libertarians and
conservatives are
evil), same tired arguments (libertarians and pedophiles), same
phrases (Don't hate
me because..., or calling someone "john boy").

They have the same writing styles, and like Scott Nudds towards the
end of
both of his previous incarnations, uninterested in anything remotely

I was tipped off when he returned and immediately noticed the
in posting styles. It was a simple matter then of "walking back the
cat" and
determining that "Vendicar Decarian" was Scott Douglas who was Scott

Oh, and as for the issue of him not posting in programming groups, I
it up to his not being able to maintain any mask over his identity for
a moment
over there. They all thought Nudds was crazy, and his brand of
nuttiness would
stand out over there. This is, of course, unlike sci.environment where
there are
nuts a-plenty."