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zzz FLOGMASTER: SSS: Big Paddle, Small Bottom (*****, M/F, cons paddling, intense)

Frank Marsh
15.06.2010 - 09:05
FLOGMASTER: SSS: Big Paddle, Small Bottom (*****, M/F, cons paddling, intense)
A sorority pledge gets initiated.

Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!
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is purely coincidental.

SSS: Big Paddle, Small Bottom

"To another twenty years," said Bob. We clinked glasses and
sipped the wine.

"It's been longer than that since I've seen you," I told
him reproachfully. "Best friends in high school a
d then
nothing but the occasional Christmas card."

He sighed. "That's the penalty of working overseas. It's a
great job, but I do miss home."


Bob laughed. "You know me too well, don't you, Mark! I
always had itchy feet." He stared at Elise. "So tell me
about this one. How did you two meet?"

I grinned at my wife's dainty form. Even after twenty years
of marriage electricity shot between us and I felt warmth
course through my body. I hugged her close with one arm and
kissed her gently on the cheek.

"We met in college," I said. "I was in a fraternity."

"And I was pledging Delta Kappa Pi," said Elise.

"Ooh, a sorority girl! You know how to pick 'em, Mark."

"Actually, Elise picked me."

My eyes connected with Elise's and we exchanged a private

"I'm sensing backstory here," Bob growled. "Come on,

* * *

It was like it had just happened yesterday: the lineup of
frat boys, the dozen trembling sorority wannabes in skimpy
T-shirts and panties, each holding a massive oak paddle. I
immediately noticed the tiny one. No more than five-four,
the huge paddle looked like an oar, and she was struggling
to carry it. She walked along the lineup and paused in
front of me. My heart skipped a beat.

Then she handed the board to me and said, "My name's Elise.
Would you mind?"

"It would be an honor. I'm Mark."

She bent, reaching for her ankles, the shirt riding up to
reveal the cutest little tush I'd ever seen. The white
panties were even tinier, sinking deep into the split, the
round, pert cheeks straining the fabric. Eagerly I raised
the big board, the wood dwarfing the petite rump.

Elise grunted. "Don't hold back just because I'm small.
They need to count if I'm to get in."

When it was our turn, I was merciless. Every swat nearly
knocked her off her feet. The watching sisters' jaws
dropped and one waiting pledge pissed her panties. Elise
didn't make a sound, but took the twenty scathing blows
without a murmur. She was the first pledge promoted to

* * *

"No backstory," I told Bob. "I saw her at a pledge event.
The next day we met for coffee. The rest is history."

Elise was blushing as she nodded. Bob shook his head
skeptically but shrugged. "Whatever, man. I'm just happy
for you."

We toasted again, and Bob signed for the check despite our

Later, as we prepared for bed, I stepped into our large
soundproofed walk-in closet and from the secret compartment
produced the giant sorority paddle. When I turned around,
Elise was waiting, wearing nothing at all.

"Don't hold back just because I'm small," she said with a
wicked grin.

- 30 -

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